Timeless Video Productions is Proud to Present
Learn to sing by being part of a wonderful Story.
The Couldsing Family loves to sing. Their adventures take them to a land where no singing is allowed. A wicked King puts a spell on them and turns them into stone. As the spell is broken, a young Prince and his followers ask Papa Couldsing to teach them to sing. After all there was no singing allowed where they came from due to their laws of the wicked King.
Papa Teaches them and his followers to sing and with their help, the spell is broken on all of Papa's family members.
Along the way the Prince falls in love with a beautiful maiden  with a wonderful singing voice and the two of them sing happily ever after. At their wedding everything is in song.

The Story is full of fun, singing exercises and songs. You can't help but sing along with Papa and the Couldsing family,
learning the basics of correct singing.

Through simple tecniques anyone can learn to sing.